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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the average cost per square foot to build?

It can vary widely based on the quality of the amenities, the square footage of the house, as well as the fixed and variable costs associated with the construction.

Can I have some impact on costs associated with the construction of the house?

Yes.  Approximately 30% of construction costs are variable and are impacted by the customer’s choices of products used in the construction.

Can I save money building it myself?

No.  Because of our long-term relationship with vendors and subcontractors, we can obtain much better pricing and availability to products and services used in the construction.

How do I navigate through all the products and selections I have to make?

We work closely with the customer to help make selections and provide information regarding choices the customer must make during the construction.

What is the average construction time for a home?

Each home, depending on size and complexity, can have an impact on construction time.  The average time is approximately 6 months.

How do I design the house that fits my needs?

We work closely with local design and engineering firms to design the home of your dreams.

Who pays for the construction?

In most cases, we pay for the construction costs and work with the bank to get reimbursed throughout the construction process.

How much do I pay up front to begin construction?

The average down payment to the contractor for a custom house is generally 10% of the total cost of the contract.

What make our house unique?

As standard features we incorporate unique millwork components including: coffered ceilings, header pediments above every door, window and cased opening, custom millwork throughout, state of the art security monitoring system, stainless steal appliances, custom cabinetry and solid granite counter tops.

Why should I choose Gremillion Homes to build my house?

We work closely with the customer from conception to completion.  Our team of professionals can help you accomplish the look and feel for your dream house efficiently and within your budget.

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